Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wolseley – Armitage – Fradley

Left Wolseley to make a dash to Armitage before the rain. Mum and dad were joining us later for a meal at the Plum Pudding, which was excellent value as we were treated to entertainment and a cookery demonstration. Waited for the rain to stop before setting off for Fradley the following day.

008 Moorings at Wolseley, looking towards Rugeley


Former site of Armitage Tunnel



Moored outside the Plum Pudding, Armitage



Approaching Fradley junction


Full circle, last here in March !!


p-millhouse said...

well on the way back home!!,we enjoyed our visit and the meal.mum was thrilled to find her grans and uncle and aunts last resting place in armitage church the photos.give our regards to jo and paul,give the dog a pat .

Karen (nb Serenity) said...

I know, it won't be long now before we are back. We enjoyed having you, pity it wasn't for longer.