Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tixall Wide to Wolseley

Decisions this morning to either stay at Tixall Wide or move on, hopefully missing the showers. As the forecast wasn’t looking good for the next few days, we decided to go for it. All in all it was a nice sunny day, turning right at Haywood junction back on to the Trent and Mersey. We also passed bloggers nb Piston Broke at Tixall and nb Bendigedig at Gt Haywood. It was the quietest we have seen it around Gt Haywood, although we had to queue for awhile at Colwich lock. We very nearly missed the rain, but got caught in a shower just as we got to where we wanted to moor for the night near Wolseley.

002 Approaching Haywood Junction, a sharp turn right


Black clouds, then sunshine again.  Luckily no rain.


This plant gets bigger every time we pass


Still bordering the Cannock Chase countryside


View from our moorings

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p-millhouse said...

you seem to cope with the weather,it must be all the practice you have had!!see you saturday.