Friday, 19 August 2011

Gunthorpe to Stoke Bardolph

We were planning to moor at Holme Pierrepont again, but as we left Stoke Lock moorings were available on the floating pontoon, so we took advantage. It is a beautiful part of the Trent and we had planned to meet Ian’s cousin Kate and Anthony who were joining us on their boat for a bbq. Unfortunately Paul and Jo had to go off in search of an emergency vet, Charlie had got caught up in some fishing line and the barbed hook had gone through the skin inside her mouth, luckily she didn’t swallow anything, but she did have to be sedated for them to remove it. They got back in time for the bbq, Charlie doing fine although still a bit wobbly on her legs and feeling rather sorry for herself.

001 The Unicorn, Gunthorpe




Approaching Stoke Lock


Stoke Lock


Looking back from our moorings


Kate and Anthony’s boat Curlew

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