Thursday, 28 June 2012

Branston to Willington

The forecast for today was looking grim. We set off to wind at Barton Turns, before we even got there the heavens opened. There was torrential thunder storm after another, which lasted for most part of the day. Getting wet was an understatement. We had to press on as we were trying to get back for the weekend and hopefully avoiding the rivers going back into flood. Just coming out of Burton on Trent, we were stopped by two B.W. guys asking for assistance. Unfortunately there was a dead puppy in the water on the far bank that they couldn’t reach, they gave Ian the rake and we managed to pull it back across. After reaching Willington, our evening was spent in the newly refurbished Dragon and a very nice meal it was too.

013 Tattenhill Lock, sunshine in between the heavy downpours.

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