Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sharpness - Shepherd’s Patch – Frampton on Severn

Dodged the heavy showers again today, stopped at Purton for water. As we didn’t stop there on the way we took the opportunity to look at the sunken boats, which are used as a barrier against bank erosion. Carried on a little further and moored overnight at Slimbridge. The weather forecast the next day was still a little grim with high winds, so we just had a short cruise to Frampton on Severn.





016 Ornate Doric-columned keeper’s house, found at most of the swing bridges


mark&wendy said...

Shame the weather hinders you from cruising more lets hope we have a freak bank holiday and you get good weather!!! Interesting photos which one of you is the budding David Bailey ?
Mark&Wen xx

Karen (nb Serenity) said...

Lovely to hear from you.
We can't really complain about the weather, it has been fantastic. The trouble is once it starts raining it doesn't seem to know when to stop.
Ian normally takes most of the pics, as you probably don't realise yet, I rarely let go of the tiller.

p-millhouse said...

more good photos,nice to see you have mark and wendy as followers.