Sunday, 13 June 2010

Devises to Wooton Rivers

From leaving Devises our original plan was to moor at All Cannings, but both there and Honey Street were completely full. At the end of a wet day we found moorings at Pewsey. Which were no better, in fact worse than the first time we moored there. We had to make use of the plank, as the stern was 3ft from the bank and the bow was sticking out 6ft from the bank.

We were back in luck today and found moorings where we had planned at Wooton Rivers. Which is a lovely picturesque thatched village with a 13th century church which is home to the George V Coronation Clock, made out of scrap metal and the words “Glory be to God” instead of numbers. Also a very nice 16th century pub made of weatherboarding and thatch.

004 Wooton Rivers lock


Lock gates in poor condition


Glory be to God instead of numbers


St. Andrew’s 13th century church, Wooton Rivers


The Royal Oak, 16th century inn


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