Sunday, 20 June 2010

Woolhampton – Theale

Spent a nice weekend in Woolhampton along with Pip and Rog’s friends Richard and Chrissy, who came over to show off their new boat Steliskir. Had a nice afternoon on the towpath drinking and chatting and a lovely evening meal in the Row Barge. Set off Sunday morning with the daunting start of the lock and electric bridge and a strong cross current, but all went well. Managed to find good moorings on the river just before Theale with the opposite view across a lake.

003Leaving Woolhampton lock with the electric swing bridge set ahead


Leaving Aldermaston lock approaching another electric lift bridge


Passing through Aldermaston lift bridge


Cheers, Happy Father’s Day


Our patio for the evening, time for another bbq


Cassie cooling off


Ali said...

You know, why I read your blogs and look at the photos I have no idea why we can't wait to get out boat and be doing much of the same!!!

We are off this weekend for our fill, we are doing the Mons & Brec! So keep saying those prayers that are giving the good weather!


Karen (nb Serenity) said...

You can at least tick that one off the list as you can't get to it in your own boat. Have a lovely weekend. Come and visit when we start getting a bit closer.