Monday, 12 July 2010

Paddington Basin – Regents Canal - Kensal Green

It was with mixed emotions we left Paddington Basin. We were excited because Ian’s mum and dad had arrived and they would be spending the next two weeks with us, it is the first time we have seen them since we set off in March. Unfortunately we have had to leave Windsong  behind, Rog is still in hospital and we hope for a speedy recovery for him, Pip has managed to get into a marina, so at least we have peace of mind for her. It did seem strange as we left not to have them following behind us.

We cruised the Regents Canal just as far as Camden market and then returned to Little Venice and back towards Kensal Green.

003 Regents Canal, bridge no 1


Approaching Maida Hill tunnel



Blow up bridge


Snowdens aviary overhanging the towpath


Floating Chinese restaurant


Gasometers, Kensal Green gas works

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Ali said...


That must of been strange but I am sure Pip & Rog will be fine! Have a great time on the Regents Canal, it looks good already!