Monday, 21 March 2011

Fradley to Wolseley

Spent a lovely sunny weekend in Fradley and met up with Pip and Rog (nb Windsong), who we will be cruising with for the next month or so. The weather is still holding and we had a pleasant cruise through to Wolseley in the sunshine, stopping off for a quick shop at Rugeley. It was good to notice all the cutting back that has been done along the way, especially through the Plum Pudding cutting.

001 Pip, Rog, Ian and Cassie outside the Swan at Fradley


Breakfast on the towpath above Shade House Lock, Fradley



Woodend Lock


Plum Pudding Cutting, Armitage


p-millhouse said...

good weather,good company,great pub,what more could you ask for ??.like the breakfast photo life gets no better than this.nice to see b/w have been busy cutting camera is working good,not forgetting the photographers.

Karen (nb Serenity) said...

Also the nice blue skies helps the picture look that much better. xx