Friday, 11 March 2011

Kegworth to Weston

We have set off this year to explore the northern waterways and said goodbye to our moorings in Kegworth until the end of August. The sun was shining and we thought the wind had dropped compared to the day before, but the Trent was still blustery. It is a very nice feeling to be moored out in the countryside, just above Weston lock, although tomorrow is to be spent cleaning and polishing one side of the boat. Not many photos, as it was only last week that we covered Kegworth to Shardlow.

003Goodbye Kegworth



Sawley Lock


Weston Lock


Ali and John said...


Bet it feels good to be off, good day as well, although a bit windy!

Have a great time, and you never know we may see you on your way back!

Karen (nb Serenity) said...

Not quite the same weather as last year, although almost the exact date. We have got another exciting summer to look forward to.

No doubt we will see you out on the cut at some point this year, cruising with big grins on your faces and pinching yourselves that it is real.

p-millhouse said...

good to see you out again,like the flowers very colourful.thought ian would clean the boat,he likes to keep it in pristine condition.!!

Karen (nb Serenity) said...

Thanks. Yes we have spent the morning cleaning and polishing one side of the boat, then Ian cleaned the brasses. It is now looking like a shiny boat again. Until it rains tomorrow !!!