Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tixall Wide to Penkridge

Yet another great morning, waking up to blue skies again, long may it last. There were batches of cheerful daffs all along the banks today, along with the forsythia. Passing the lovely village of Acton Trussel.  Earlier on we heard a ticking noise from around the engine, Ian had a quick look but could see nothing obvious, then the noise stopped. It came back later, this time as a clunking sound, as we were approaching Longford lock, just outside Penkridge. On inspection this time it was very obvious that the main alternator belt had shredded, which then resulted in a quick walk into Penkridge for a replacement belt.

004The shorts are out.


Tixall Lock


Deptmore Lock, it is good to see the renovation of the old lock cottage, which has been boarded up for the last few years at least.

021 Above Deptmore Lock


The offending belt, luckily now all fixed.


p-millhouse said...

good to see the shorts out,and more restotation work being done.

p-millhouse said...

correction 1st comment should read,restoration !!