Sunday, 4 April 2010


A very pleasant cruise to Braunston, although on arriving at the junction we found it rather chaotic. We needed to take on water, which was in a very tight spot opposite the junction and due to the bank holiday traffic, very busy. It is a nice feeling to be back into open countryside, especially as the sun is shining. We are now moving onto the south Oxford canal and is all new territory for us, as we have previously only been as far as Hillmorton.005 Braunston Junction



Ali said...


Looks like you are making good progress! Weather looks better for this coming week (well warmer anyway!).

John says try the Folly pub at Napton (although we haven't been in for a couple of years) and the Red Lion at Cropredy is well worth a visit (or was when we went).

Keep posting so we know where you are!


Anonymous said...

like the photo's,looks interesting place.

p-millhouse said...

not anonymouse, dad

Karen said...

Missed the Folly but plan to go to the Red Lion to celebrate Rog's birthday on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

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