Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Beeston Castle to Chester

We nearly didn’t make it to Chester. The plan was to have an early start and get ahead of the working boats coming through, heading for Ellesmere Port, but three of them had an earlier start than us. As we were approaching Chester we were told of trouble at the next lock, Hoole Lane Lock, we had no choice but to join the queue and wait for the repairs to be completed. We were still waiting over four hours later and now had ten boats waiting and another three above the previous lock. Luckily bw workers managed to replace the paddle with cut pieces of plywood as a temporary fix. My sister had arrived by train and managed to walk up and find us. The next problem was mooring, we wanted to moor in Telford Warehouse basin, but after going down Northgate staircase lock we found no space left. We carried on and found moorings opposite the golf course and winded the following morning heading back to the basin, with better luck this time.

005 Hoole Lane Lock, nearly there after a long wait. the Victorian water tower in the background



Passing the city walls


Very impressive, cut through the rocks


Going down the very deep Northgate staircase lock



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p-millhouse said...

chester looks very nice,glad you got through ok.dont think i would be up front for the deep lock.??hope denise enjoys her time with you.