Friday, 1 April 2011

Grindley Brook to Whitchurch

The day was immediately started with three locks, then the staircase of three at Grindley Brook. All went smoothly and we moored above the locks to take on water and empty loos etc. It was another blustery day, not quite as bad as yesterday, but having done three lift bridges we decided to moor for the night just outside Whitchurch. From bridge 35 Ian and I decided to take a walk to find Pan Castle (Motte & Bailey), the footpaths are part of the Shropshire Way, but not very well worn and the farmer had just ploughed a huge field which we had to walk around even though the sign pointed diagonally across. The views were worth it and we did find what we were looking for.

001 The hard work starts on the other side


The bottom chamber of the staircase


The middle chamber


Tonight’s mooring


Shropshire in the foreground and Wales in the background


The view of Serenity and Windsong from our walk

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p-millhouse said...

a good view of two beacon boats,ali will be proud !!