Monday, 18 April 2011

Burland to Beeston Castle

Quite a long day cruising today. Watered and looed at the top of Hurleston flight but made slow progress down the flight due to the amount of boats. Passed Barbridge junction on our way towards Chester. After a total of 10 locks today we moored for a pub meal at the Shady Oak near Beeston Castle.

004 Leaving Hurleston flight turning towards Chester


Passing Barbridge Junction


Waiting to come down Bunbury staircase lock


Bunbury staircase, the stable blocks in the background, which were used for fresh horses for the fly boats


Round houses, used by the lengths men to store equipment


Beeston Iron lock


Beeston Iron lock, although a broad lock, only one boat at a time because the sides are distorted


The Shady Oak, canal side


The outcrop of Beeston Castle

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p-millhouse said...

looks a very interesting area,lovely scenery.and clear blue sky's.