Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Froncysyllte to Trevor

Not too far to cruise today before we arrived at the Poncysyllte aqueduct. A feat of canal engineering, it carries the canal across the waters of the River Dee. It is over 1,000 feet long, 127 feet tall at its deepest point, and consists of an iron trough supported by 18 stone piers. The aqueduct was completed in 1805, the year of Nelson’s death in Trafalgar and is ranked among Telford’s outstanding achievements. History lesson over, it was for me a white knuckle ride and still as scary as the last time we crossed in a hire boat. Ian was making me nervous darting on and off the boat taking pictures.


 011 Tow path one side, sheer drop the other




I can’t even look down the side I would normally, my knees have gone to jelly


The River Dee below


Ally said...

arrggghhhh that looks scary!!

p-millhouse said...

definitely a case of don't look down!!good photo's,trust ian to wind you up.