Saturday, 9 April 2011

St Martin’s Moor onto the Montogmery Canal

We had booked in for our passage onto the Montgomery Canal, arriving at Frankton Junction at 11.30 as we only had a two hour window between 12.00 and 2.00. Frankton locks are supervised by a lock keeper, to monitor the amount of boats booked in, there are four locks, the first two being a staircase. The canal is still under restoration and we will only be able to cruise 7 miles to Maesbury Marsh out of the total 35 miles. So far the detour has been worth it as the countryside has been very impressive and remote. We moored for the night by Perry aqueduct.


 006Waiting for the lock keeper to un chain the paddle gear at Frankton locks


Looking down from the staircase lock






Lindsay said...

This reminds me of our trip when paul had just broken 4 ribs at Ellesmere! Hard work for me!!

p-millhouse said...

fantastic views