Monday, 9 May 2011

Haigh Hall to Withnell Fold

We are finally on the move again, stopping for diesel and services at White Bear Marina at Adlington. We originally planned to moor at Botany Bay and visit the shopping complex, but found nowhere suitable to moor. So we carried on through Johnson’s Hillock locks, a pretty flight of seven. Mooring for the night at Withnell Fold at the side of a former paper mill, which once produced bank-note paper.

006 Our first view of the Pennine moorlands


White Bear Marina, modern services, including card machine to pay for diesel


Botany Bay, converted mill, now a shopping complex


U-boat on the Leeds and Liverpool?


The Preston Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints


Approaching Johnson’s Hillock locks, the course of the Lancaster canal on the left, which peters out after a few miles being buried under the M61


Halfway up the flight


Withnell Fold visitors moorings

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