Thursday, 19 May 2011

Salterforth to Bank Newton

Left Salterforth this morning and the sun was shining, first stop being Greenberfield top lock to use the services. Also for the first time since starting the L&L we shared locks and surprisingly saw a few more boats moving around. The views are now absolutely stunning, full panoramic sights of the dales for miles. Stopped off at East Marton for lunch and had a stroll to the church, a lovely church with a Norman tower. The L&L canal was started in 1771 and the full length completed in 1816. During the construction of this section a number of navvies died of smallpox and are buried in the churchyard. Cruised a little further on to moor in the middle of nowhere between East Marton and Bank Newton.

009 Mum and Dad enjoying a stroll at the picturesque flight of Greenberfield locks


Paddle gears with brakes !!


Last of the flight of three locks, now ready for quite a few twists and turns


You can see the bridges in the distance


Moored for lunch at East Marton


St. Peter’s Church, East Marton. The first church was probably from the 10th century, there has been a wooden church on this site for over a thousand years and the present stone building between 1147 and 1186.


Bridge 161, East Marton. The upper road bridge was added later above the original canal bridge


Former horse line roller post, to assist the ropes around the tight bends


Views from our mooring



Geoff and Mags said...

Hi there
You're moored in my most favourite spot on the network! Enjoy the peace and quiet.
Regards, Geoff

Ali and John said...

It looks stunning!

Karen (nb Serenity) said...

This half has been absolutely brilliant. Superb scenery and very peaceful.