Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Plank Lane Lift Bridge to Haigh Hall Country Park

Our hard work started today. We did plan on doing the Wigan flight of 21 locks tomorrow, but the forecast was rain, so we decided to have an early start and go for it. We set off at 8.00 am as we had over an hour cruising and the two Poolstock locks to do before we hit the Wigan flight, finally mooring at 5.45. A very tiring day, 23 locks and 9 hours cruising. Although we waited an hour, hoping another boat would arrive, three locks up I dashed to the shops and still no boats arrived, the only luck we had was that all the locks were in our favour.

001 Cruising past many of the former colliery sites and ironworks


Approaching Poolstock lock. Our first lock since the Big lock at Middlewich (not counting the Weaver locks as they were manned)


This is our first time on the Leeds and Liverpool and we are coming across new and strange winding gear. The gates are so heavy, the winding gear and chain helps the back pain


Poolstock Lock


Due to the short beam, winding gear assists again


Another interesting paddle gear


The locks on the Wigan flight are very deep with heavy gates. All the paddles are locked with anti vandal locks.




Wigan below



Many ropes over the years have worn away this bollard


Moorings for tonight, high above Wigan, having climbed 214 ft 7 ins in 2 miles


Ali and John said...

Well done you, hard work but worth it! Some very strange paddle gear indead, but I think the anti vandal keys are worse than any paddles, pain in the ar..! Looks like a good morring as well.

p-millhouse said...

interesting canal system,with loads of hard should be fit!!

Karen (nb Serenity) said...

The gates were very heavy, Ian has a few aches today, but we are having a rest today. Just a short walk to check the pub out for our weekend visitors.