Saturday, 14 May 2011

Rose Grove to Reedley

Waited a little while for the rain to blow over before setting off this morning heading towards Burnley. We first had to go through Gannow tunnel before reaching what is known as the Weavers’ Triangle. There are many old textile mills with their towering chimneys and weaving sheds all lining the canal for miles. Some having been lovingly restored, but most were derelict. The Burnley Embankment gives a bird’s eye view of Burnley, being sixty feet high and three-quarters of a mile long, carrying the canal over the valleys of Calder and Brun.

001 Approaching Gannow Tunnel, 559 yards


It is wide enough for two way traffic !!!


The old and the new


Passing the many mills


Slater’s Terrace, under restoration. Ground floor workshops are topped by workers’ cottages.


Burnley Wharf


Back into the countryside, leaving Burnley behind


Moored for the night near Reedley nurseries, ideal opportunity to replace our flowers

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p-millhouse said...

interesting photo's,nice to see daisy on board.