Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Little Bollington to Plank Lane Lift Bridge

It was to be our last day of cruising with Windsong today, we said our goodbyes first thing as we were separating at Waters Meeting junction. Windsong carried onto Castlefield, Manchester and we are now on the Leeds and Liverpool heading towards Wigan.

004 The Linotype Works, Broadheath. An old cotton warehouse.


In contrast, new apartments in Broadheath


Waters Meeting junction


Waving goodbye to Pip and Rog


Barton Swing Aqueduct. Built in 1893, 235 ft long and weighs 1450 tons and spans the Manchester Ship canal


Barton road bridge adjacent to the Barton Swing Aqueduct with the M60 in the background


Approaching Worsley, the site of the very first canal. The water has now changed to orange caused by the ironstone


The half timbered Packet House. Canal passengers of two centuries ago descended the steps to board the packets for Wigan and Manchester. To the right of the house is the entrance to the old coal mines, over forty miles of underground system of canals on three levels connected by an inclined plane.


One of the many cotton mills at Bedford


Pennington Flash Country Park, behind our moorings for tonight


Plank Lane Lift Bridge, operated by BW bridge keeper


Anonymous said...


Well you have had fantastic weather thus far, and i do hope it keeps up for you as you cross the pennines. Hate to say it, but we could do with a wee drop of rain. Heavy overnight downpours preferably.

Blog and pic's fantastic.

John and Ali

Ali and John said...

John has just mentioned that Pennington Flash was a fishing spot of his when he was 'just a boy'! Great pictues, new canal for us(well me John knows the area) so will really look forward to your pictures!


p-millhouse said...

more great pictures,with history very interesting,we are looking forward to joining you at foul ridge!!

Karen (nb Serenity) said...

The landscape certainly looks different from pictures we have seen. One book described it has the surface of the moon. I think that was a few years back. You wouldn't even know all the collierys existed, apart from the flashes may give it away and the odd headstock here and there. It is also good to see the towpaths and footpaths in good use.