Friday, 10 June 2011

Chadderton to Manchester

Chadderton was the last secure place to moor before hitting Manchester. An early start today as we were about 1.5 hours away from lock 65 where we had booked to meet the lock keeper at 8.30. Then yet another busy day as we completed 20 locks and a lift bridge. All went without a hitch and was very surprised that we made it through without having to go in the weed hatch, especially having spoken to other boaters. We were met at the bottom lock in Manchester by the same lock keeper 4.5 hours later. We have now completed the Rochdale canal, 83 locks in 31 miles, although it has been hard work it has been worth it for the scenery alone. Many thanks to Dave for helping us through, even though he thought he was coming for a boating holiday and not a walking holiday.

002 Grimshaw Lane Lift bridge, lifting unusually on a horizontal plane, on four hydraulic rams


Running along side the M60 at a much slower pace


Lock 65, waiting for BW to open the gates


Lock 66


Lock 74, more than enough water


Aiming for the middle


Couldn’t resist


Lock 78 and Victoria Mill


Victoria Mill, now offices one side and apartments the other


Coming towards lock 82


Moored in Manchester


p-millhouse said...

yet more great photo's,like the wild life one.looks like you found plenty of water??.dave will remember this holiday!!.

Adam said...

You've still got a bit of work to do to complete the Rochdale -- because there are 92 locks in total. You've still got the nine locks down to Castlefield. Don't know if you're going that way, or going up the Ashton instead, but if you are we can recommend eating at Albert's Shed, next to Lock 92.

Karen & Ian (nb Serenity) said...

No Adam, we are going onto the Ashton next. We have experienced the Rochdale nine before, but are going to give them a miss this time. Will bear your recommendation in mind for the next time we are here.

Pip - nb Windsong said...

Snap! - on the last photo - full of rubbish, but safe as the scrotes can't get in but you can't get out either!!!
Hope you enjoy the Ashton flight tomorrow - we didn't!!!

Ali and John said...

Lovely scenery so worth it! Ashton, keep going is all I can say! Watch out for the guy with a coat full of speckled hen on a swing bridge - he offered to help I had to help him off the bridge, he could hardly walk and it was mid morning! Peak & Marple flight lovely so its well worth the jorney!

Karen & Ian (nb Serenity) said...

Set off early and got through with no problems. Quite a nice flight really, it is a pity you have to be so wary. Thought we may have had some trouble especially on a Saturday but luckily we were fine.