Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Summit to Littleborough

Waited for the lock keeper to arrive this morning to unlock the paddles, luckily we managed to get permission to go through, but the two boats behind were going to be stuck there for awhile as they were closing the canal due to lack of water. We were told there was plenty of water as we were now going down towards Manchester, but that was not the case as there were severe shortage of water in some of the pounds and the only way to get moving was to let more water through the locks. Moored at Littleborough after a very wet cruise, hoping for a better day tomorrow.

004 Afloat again, ready to go over the summit

002 Set off in lovely weather, but it wasn’t to last


Cautiously crossing the summit pound


Over the summit, now all down hill to Manchester


Doesn’t look like a water shortage as the lock over spills


The rain is a coming


The next pound looking alarmingly low


Didn’t get very far before getting grounded, luckily we did get moving again.


p-millhouse said...

what an adventure you are having!!!this will be a cruise to remember for sure.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi both
We got told off for mooring below the summit lock. A very grumpy BW chap wasn't happy first thing in the morning! Get used to the low pounds; there's more to come past the aqueduct....

Ally said...

ironic eh? no water yet throwing it down! What a beautiful area though!

Karen & Ian (nb Serenity) said...

We were told to moor in the pound below the summit so we would definitely get through the next day. By morning there was no water at all in the pound below. Once we were over the summit, we only grounded the once. After Littleborough we have had plenty of water. We have thorougly enjoyed it.