Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hassall Green – Wheelock – Middlewich

Woke up to sunshine this morning, so we set off to finish the last ten locks of heartbreak hill. Unfortunately we have no photos to show as I had a clumsy accident with the camera. As I was in the lock, Ian passed it over to me, for the first time in months, which to that point was okay. Then for some unknown reason it decided to fly out of my hands and fall into the water. I felt really bad as it was a Christmas present.

We moored for lunch at Wheelock and decided to hop on a bus to Sandbach to replace our camera. It was a pity we couldn’t take any pictures as it was a lovely town, with ancient Saxon crosses in the centre. New camera on charge we carried on towards Middlewich.

The hire boats were coming by thick and fast from Middlewich. On a fairly straight stretch, we had the trees on our side, but plenty of room. For some reason, instead of keeping straight, one of the boats lost steering and panicked. As they were still going at a fair speed they ricocheted us into the undergrowth. As we found out on later inspection, the flairs on Middlewich boats are quite high and unforgiving, resulting in a very nasty gash on our gloss work, just below the cratch cover.

The other very noticeable thing as we approached Middlewich. We expected to get the gravy smell coming from the Bisto factory, but as we got closer the huge salt works were still there, but the Bisto factory had been demolished.

After Kings lock, we turned left onto the Middlewich Branch. We got through Stanthorne lock and moored just in time before the rain came.

004 Moorings for the night. A quick test with the new camera.


p-millhouse said...

sounds like a disaster area!,as long as you are ok thats the main test looks good.

Karen & Ian (nb Serenity) said...

Glad you had a great holiday. Nice to catch up on your comments. xx