Monday, 27 June 2011

Church Minshull to Coole Pilate

We had an early start this morning as the sun was already shining and the forecast was not so good for later in the afternoon. Two locks to do before we got to Barbridge Junction, turning back onto the Shroppie. Another two locks at Hack Green before mooring for lunch, then a short cruise to moor for the night at Coole Pilate Leisure Area. It has been a lovely cruising day, blue skies, sunshine and miles of wonderful countryside. As we were relaxing a man walking his dog mentioned that there was our sister boat moored just a few boats higher, we took a stroll to find Seventh Heaven, (Beacon Boat number 7) still looking good. It was nice to meet up with Pete and Pam again, needless to say we had a long chat and a few drinks.

005 Minshull Lock


Approaching Barbridge Junction


Canal side artwork at Nantwich


Looking down at the Chester Road from Nantwich aqueduct


Looking for some lunch


Moored for lunch above Hack Green locks


This looked very much like a mole swimming by


Moorings for the night at Coole Pilates Lesisure Area


p-millhouse said...

great photo's,the first one deserves a prize.shows the quality of your new camera.

Pip - nb Windsong said...

Are you sure that's you and not us in your last photo - you are moored exactly where we

Anonymous said...

still watching getting closer to home soon back in the real world try and get to see you before u get home dave