Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Walsden to The Summit

Set off for the summit today, having already booked our passage. The scenery just got better and better as we cruised along. Although as we got higher the pounds got very shallow, we managed to get into the top pound before the summit, but we passed two boats that decided to stay two pounds below. As the afternoon progressed the water level was getting lower and lower, that by 5.00 we were grounded and on such a tilt that we had to phone the BW emergency number to re-float us. Luckily that got us through the night.

052 Lovely lock names like Winterbutlee and Nip Square


Heading for the summit



The pound getting lower and lower


Nice view ahead though

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and Ian

We are just behind you in Littleborough. We would be interested in any moorings you have found after Littleborough. We are due to go down into Manchester on Monday.

Alan and Frances

nb Lazy Days