Monday, 13 June 2011

Marple to Bugsworth Basin

It was still raining first thing this morning so we waited until it brightened. We were going to spend an extra night at Marple, but there had been some trouble on Friday night. A boat had been broken into and another had a brick through the window, and we thought Marple was a nice place. We didn’t want to push our luck as we seemed to have been lucky so far. We just got through the Wigan flight and it was closed, just got through the Rochdale and it was closed, just got through Ashton and now we hear that is closed. !! We have passed more boats today, than in the last three weeks and there were still plenty moored in the basin. Having found a nice spot we will stay here for a few days.

005 Lovely views on the Peak Forest Canal


Passing the Matlow/Swizzels factory. Smelt like they were making midget gems


Hopefully we will have blue skies on the way back, still can’t complain we kept dry today


Wandering through Bugsworth Basin choosing our mooring spot


This will do nicely


Moored on the middle basin


Looking down on the lower basin


p-millhouse said...

looks like a good spot.have a good well deserved rest.crack out the jamesons!!(or is it all gone??)

Karen & Ian (nb Serenity) said...

No still got a bottle hidden away for emergencies